What’s for Lunch Aug. 28-30

Bubba Tuesday—Chicken Fried Steak/Chicken Wed-Thurs— Casseroles—Chicken Spaghetti and Chipper Cheese Soup—Cheeseburger Salads—Amish Broccoli, Chicken Cranberry, DH Chicken Salad, Spinach and Strawberry Sunday—Chicken Fried Steak/ Chicken WE WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY SEPT 1 FOR LABOR DAY

What’s for Lunch June 19-22

Bubba Tuesday—Chicken Fried Steak/Chicken Wed-Fri Casseroles—Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada Casserole and           Cowboy Casserole Salads—Cashew Chicken Salad, Cucumber Tomato Salad, DH Chicken Salad, Spinach and Strawberry Salad Soup—Broccoli Cheese

What’s for Lunch April 24-27

Bubba Tuesday–Chicken Fried Steak/Chicken Wed-Fri Casseroles—King Ranch and Monterrey Chicken Pasta Soups—Betty’s Cheese Soup and Chicken and Rice Salads—Amish Broccoli, Cranberry Chicken Salad, Fresh Fruit, DH Chicken Salad, and of course our famous Spinach and Strawberry Salad