Sale at the Durning House

Would you like to own a treasure from the Durning House?
iT is TIME to DOWNSIZE so we are reluctantly parting with the antiques and treasures we have accumulated and used in the Durning House.  Many of these items are from the 1930’s or earlier.
What is the first round going on the sale block?
Ruby will go on sale after Christmas as I still want to decorate with it for the Christmas season.
This sale will include dishes and misc. jewels.  I have my childhood “Made in Occupied Japan” tea set (not complete), cups and saucers….well an array of things. 
It is set up in the Party Room at the Durning House and can be seen from 10-2 Tues-Fri and otherwise by appointment.  We hope you would like to own a memento from the Durning House and give it a new life in your own home.  Maybe a Christmas gift. 
If you know me, you know how special these “things” are to me.  Not only are they works of art, but have been around longer than I have and have seen many owners.  I like to see things live on with people who love them too.
So thanks in advance and feel free to call with any questions.