Durning to Go

I have had questions about our DURNING TO GO. So let me clear this up.
We have made frozen dinners for you to pick up at any time. They are designed for 1 person but they are large enough to share if appetites are not huge. Items vary but right now we have
Meatloaf–2 veg
Pork–2 veg
Smothered steak–2 veg

We have packaged casseroles that will feed 2. Put a salad together and you have a meal.
Enchilada Casserole
Chicken Supreme
Chicken Spaghetti
Sour cream enchiladas
Chicken Ritz

Come by and pick up your choice or choices.
After hours call my cell 903/328-7494.

Radical idea that what was once called a TV dinner can actually have plenty of food that actually tastes great.

We really are not radical, we just want you to have good food for those times you don’t want to cook.

If you want to order a large casserole, just call ahead and we will make you one.