Coconut pie has been the mainstay here at the Durning House since the day we first opened almost 26 years ago. Aunt Opal’s famous Coconut Pie

Everybody loves it and it is by far the most popular dessert we offer. I can make it in my sleep. There was a time when I couldn’t make it at all.

So I sat in Aunt Opal’s kitchen for pie baking lessons.
She said to me “now watch what I do. It is so easy”

Well it wasn’t easy cause I don’t know what “do this until it looks right” means. I never measure she said. Just get the feel of it.

But after making them now for years, I understand Opal’s instructions. Makes perfect sense.

But that is not the end of my story on coconut pie.

Had a first timer eat with us last week. Turns out she specifically orders coconut pie everywhere she goes as she rates them against her favorite place in Arkansas.

She found 4 places across the state that made her list of coming close to her favorite. She called me to her table after eating a piece of my coconut pie and told me her story of coconut pie and the top 4 places. Then she said, “Yours goes to the top of the list!”

Opal would be proud.slice of coconut pie