Let’s Talk







As most of you know I was very surprised by a heart attack on Nov.22 which resulted in a 5 bypass heart surgery.  I am grateful every day for my survival and vowed to not return to work until I was strong enough to do so.  Therefore, I make an appearance and do a little but am not there all day every day.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their visits, cards, emails, texts, and mostly prayers.  People have been GREAT.

The restaurant is still open and operated by the skilled hands of my “girls” and Brenda.  I did however have to cancel 2 events that we love here…..Valentine Dinner…..Death by Chocolate Luncheon.  That is just too soon for me to give it my “all”.

I do want to use this page to visit with you and answer your questions about ‘whatever’.

Please lunch with us Tues-Fri from 11-2.

Remember if you have a need for a private meeting, shower, luncheon, dinner, rehearsal dinner keep us in mind.


This is a picture of me after coming home from the hospital with my beloved heart pillow (my best friend for a long time)

sherry with heart pillow