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Do you have something to share about the Durning House? Memories of a special person, gathering or occasion enjoyed at the restaurant or B&B? How about a favorite dish?

Please send in your testimonials and memories below using the comment form below so we can share them on the website — we’ll use your first name & initial unless requested otherwise.

Thanks for helping us compile some of the twenty years of memories we’ve enjoyed with you, our customers.


Share your memories & testimonials — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Brenda & Sherry, I have enjoyed many fun, quiet, special times with you and the ladies of the Durning House. Whether it was a big Red Hat event or lunch for two my experience was always the same – wonderful. In the fall I enjoy coming in for a slice of Opal’s chocolate pie and a cup of coffee. Sometimes I have company but often it’s just me but at the Durning House that’s okay, woman dining solo are always welcomed.

  2. I have THREE special memories……….
    My Grand daughter, Jordan Victoria was just a little girl the first time I brought her to dinner at The Durning House. She was all dressed up in her special dress, my cape and diamond necklace. She felt very special, especially with her big sunglasses on! Brenda and Sherry make everyone feel “special”.

    Brenda has a very special birthday song,(and gets very “animated” singing).

    You can’t print the last memory……. It’s about an old goat I met for the first time at The Durning House. He cusses “like a sailor”…… I don’t see him any more….. Guess who that might be.

  3. Each time I come to Texas to visit my family I always stop by the Durning House. Brenda and Sherry and their staff always make you feel so welcome as though you are family. The food is wonderful and the restaurant decor is a unique blend of antiques and local history which really adds to the atmosphere of not only the restaurant but the lodging experience. They will have my business for life!

  4. I have wonderful memories of The Durning House. Years ago it was the place myself and friends were able to get together and enjoy great food and wonderful company. Great atmosphere, food and staff. What a wonderful package. If you have not tried “The Durning House” you are missing out.

  5. Brenda and Sherry are great people and took such good care of me when I lived in Van Alstyne in 2004-2005. I lived in an apartment next to the Durning house and a lot of times I would not get in from work til late…they would leave a note on my door telling me that they had prepared a meal for me to come and get. The food was delicious and it was always a treat.

  6. Brenda and Sherry prepared a wonderful rehearsal dinner for our son’s wedding. The food was very good and desserts were fabulous. The setting was beautiful and fit so well with the wedding theme. Staff was professional and so pleasant to work with. TKs.

  7. The Durning House is one of my favorite places to meet with a friend for lunch. They never disappoint with their great food and fun, cute atmosphere. They even accomodate me with To-Go lunch orders when I want to bring my Grandma some of their delicious food! If you try it once, you’ll be hooked!

  8. Durning House devotees like me know everything served there is wonderful, but my almost 13 year old granddaughter, Hailey, gave high praise to even her grilled cheese sandwich, rating it “the best I’ve ever had”!

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